November Post

How to…Survive High School

Tips on how to survive the everyday struggles of high school.

Always manage your time wisely.


You have to balance and prioritize the different aspects in your life, especially if you have a lot of extracurricular coupled with rigorous academics. This is especially important on the weekend it’s important to give yourself enough time to get your work done. While it is important that your homework comes first, always remember that you should not allow your school work to consume you. Make sure you give yourself time to enjoy yourself, friends, and family.

Discover study tips that help you the most.


Maybe it’s notecards, filling out a study guide, or maybe it’s even finding a study buddy. Find a comfortable and quiet place to study with good lighting and little distractions (try avoiding your own bed; it is very tempting to just lie down and take a nap).Do whatever it takes to learn the material in the best way that fits your learning style.

Don’t procrastinate!


High school’s biggest stress causer. If you learn to manage your time well, procrastination will not be an issue for you. Do not allow yourself to get distracted while working. The faster you get it done, the more time you have to relax and enjoy life. Make a list and schedule of the work you need to get done that day and cross it off as you go. To do lists are also great, especially if you need to prioritize assignments.

Stay organized

You are more likely to fall into the horrible habits of procrastination if you do not stay organized. Make a system that works for you. As suggested in tip 3, make a list and stick to it or use a planner. It doesn’t hurt to practice school organization by staying organized in your everyday activities. If you stay organized then you will minimize the stresses that come with high school.

Challenge yourself

High school is a time to discover yourself and to branch out. Push yourself to be more active in your school and to take new classes that spark your interest. Getting involved at school is a great way to meet new people, and joining certain clubs and activities you’re interested in will also help you gain leadership opportunities. When it comes to challenging yourself it’s important to remember don’t feel pressured to take higher level classes just because your friends are. Do what’s best for you!


Lastly, and most importantly:

Enjoy the time you have in high school

Time flies and before you know it you’re saying goodbye to the friends you made freshman year. Slow down, live in the now, and make memories that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.


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