October Blog: A Place on Campus


A (Sailor’s)-Eye View


When asked about the numerous captivating sites of Mount

de Sales Academy most students, faculty, and staff

immediately name the most prominent places such as the

chapel or the convent. One of the most alluring sites of

Mount de Sales that is overlooked by many is the view from

the inside overlooking the city of Baltimore and the brand

new sports field. I had never really thought much of it

before this year, my final year here. Once I started to learn

to appreciate all the beauty this school radiated, I realized

that not only is the building and architecture of this school

astounding, but so is the view which is seen when looking

out from the school.

This year in my Morality class, which is on the third four, I

was placed in a seat right next to the window. I remember

on the very first day of school I walked into my first class of

the day and took my seat. I sat down and looked out upon

the 7:45 sunrise. I stared in awe of the site that had caught

my eye and as I stared a Sister I had not yet been introduced

to walked over to the window and says “Just look at God’s

work, it’s absolutely beautiful!” These words that came from

Sister Mary Brigid are nothing but the truth. As we looked

out over the city and the sunrise, Sister called the rest of the

class over to watch as the sun rose over the city right in front

of our eyes. In that moment I decided to stop taking the

little, everyday moments for granted. That morning was a

reminder of to appreciate the little things because I once

read that the little things will turn into the big things, the

things we will remember. I will definitely remember that

morning and the fact that the grace and beauty of God’s

creation can be seen every day. We need only to take the

time to stop and recognize it when we see it.