September Blog: Faculty/Staff Interview

The Mount De Sales Experience

The Best of Both World’s

September 30, 2015

Then vs. now                                                                by: Theresa Sarver

Mount de Sales Academy’s very own Religion teacher, Allison George is the perfect reflection of the impact that this school and it’s traditions can have on the student’s lives. Ms.George, an alumnae from Mount de Sales, graduated in the class of ‘O6 and to this day, her experience at Mount de Sales has left an indelible mark on her heart which she shall treasure always. During the interview with Ms.George, she shared fond memories from her time as a student here. Her most memorable moment shared at Mount de Sales was her senior year Twisted Tune. Though her class typically lost every school competition, for their final Twisted Tune her class went all out. Ms.George went into detail  of her classes victorious day, describing their interpretive dance and  black-out outfits with colorful scarves worn in rebellion of Spirit Day Tradition.

As she discussed her past memories, Ms.George talked about the changes she’s seen at Mount de  Sales over the year’s. The changes vary from the shoes she was required to wear, to the new renovations. When she was in school, all the girls were required to wear Bucks but now students are permitted to wear Sperry’s. Another difference that she mentioned was the fact that she was taught by Mrs.Lanciotti, the school’s current disciplinary, who was an art teacher at the time and who also happened to be Ms.George’s favorite teacher. Even though Ms.George mentioned a few differences, she also talked about the many ongoing traditions of Mount de Sales.  Ms.George shared about how she treasures even the smallest of traditions such as genuflecting in the chapel. She explained how “just those three seconds of peace always seem to get me through the day.” Just watching the present students experience all traditions that she  once experienced, still brings joy to her heart because it evokes flashbacks of some of the greatest times from her high school experience.

Now that she is a teacher, Ms.George describes her perspective of Mount de Sales when she states, “I’ve come to appreciate everything so much more because when I was a student I took many of the things the school had to offer me for granted.” When looking back at her time spent here as a student and comparing that experience to her life as teacher, Ms.George realizes that, “there is absolutely no other place like Mount de Sales.”  She is now grateful for all the lessons, experiences, and memories Mount de Sales has given her that she will keep for the rest of her life.






The Where…

image image

The picture above (to the left) is an illustration of the mansion of the main character Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. The photo to the right is a portrayal of the famous parties Jay Gatsby hosted in his mansion. Both pictures accurately depict the setting and time (Roaring 20’s) at which the story took place.

The Gaze of Love


This photo, in my opinion, perfectly captures the interaction between the couple. The photographer did in fact capture a moment that was so genuine. The way the couple gazes into eachother’s eyes with pure joy on both of their faces. Only a picture could describe that moment and do it justice.

In the Moment// high energy


The action shot of the young children captures the energy that was in the room at that moment. Even though it is merely a photograph, the viewer can look at the picture and know the caos and joy during the time the picture was taken.